Online store and lottery info(09.2022)

Online store Cart opening and lottery information.


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1st October (Sat) 21:00
*Japan time

Hue Rain online store


I’ll hold a lottery that was very popular last time.

The 10 winners will be able to shopping for 6 days from 9/25 (Sun) to 9/30 (Fri). (Shipment: around 10/17)

There is no such thing as “I entered the address and it was sold out…” when on opening time.
I hope you will have a little fun, so please join us.

Applications for the lottery will be announced from the “Newsletter“.


・Right now from Japan it is not possible to ship to some countries. Please check the link. ▶︎Service availability by country
・ The number of orders that can be ordered is limited. If your order reaches the limit, the online store will be closed. If you are considering it, please come as soon as possible.

・ It will take about 2 weeks for the made-to-order product to be shipped.

・ Please read “Shopping guide” and “About materials and care methods” before purchasing.


I’m looking forward to your delivery!