Hue Rain

Staying close to people’s new days
Things related to handicrafts that give a pleasant power

To those who weave the present
Like a place where I can give my heart
Makes you want to stretch your back and walk
The power of handiwork and natural materials
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Wild Silk Jewelry

Hand-crocheted jewelry made from wild silk thread.
Its beautiful luster and hint of wildness add a touch of natural comfort to your everyday life.
Light and comfortable to wear, starting at 0.1g in weight.

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Genuine Gold Thread Jewelry

Authentic jewelry crocheted with pure gold thread.
This is a special item of his K18YG and hand-pressed real gold thread made by pasting real gold leaf one by one.

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Wildsilk Thread

The thread is made from the cocoon fibers of wild silkworms that grow in the wild.
It’s a unique thread that can’t be found anywhere else, and has the richness of being connected to living things.

Read the reviews and watch the image of these beautiful products made by artists with Hue Rain Wild Silk Thread.

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Learn Hue Rain’s patterns and technique on this careful illustrated book.

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Video tutorial

A series of crochet lessons is in production and it will be available later this year. Subscribe to the newsletter or come back again to know when it will be available.

Hue Rain Video Tutorial Crochet
Dream Catcher, handmade by Hue Rain

Dream Catcher

Dream catcher made only from natural materials. Hue Rain started by making and selling dream catchers in a small town in northern Thailand. This page is under construction.

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PASS THE BATON MARKET vol.14 | December 9th - 10th
『 装  - sou - 』September.23-25 | itoma (Hiroshima, Mukoushima)
REN Kuramae Tokyo | July 15th (Sat) - 28th (Fri)
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