Huerain Logo2023

To renew your precious moments.

When you feel good about yourself,
you can have a positive impact on yourself and the people around you.

and then good actions are born unconsciously,
which will lead to richer days and
more excitement in the future.

We want to live our life
while gently expressing ourself and comfortably
opening  our eyes and heart.

Hue Rain is close to people’s new days.
We aim to create handmade items that give you a pleasant power.

Hand-crocheted jewelry 
Focusing on “nature, elegance, and comfort”
Pursuing decorative beauty, functional beauty, and her originality
We start from original wild silk thread production.

We also provide wild silk thread, techniques and ideas.
I would be happy if it could be an opportunity
for someone to take a new step.


We also provide wild silk thread, techniques and ideas.




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Stores handling the products

Toiro no ro (Aichi)
Sanju (Taiwan)
norm (New York)
Gallery Teto Teto (Shizuoka)
REN (Tokyo)


Ayako Buro
Designer and maker

Since I was a child I love handwork and creation.

I started Hue Rain mainly making dreamcatchers while I was living in Thailand in 2016, after coming back to Japan I moved to Italy in 2020 and I started focusing on jewelry. I came back to Japan in 2022 and I started my original production of wild silk thread, now I’m working hard to push even further Hue Rain’s jewelry by adding genuine gold thread and 24kt gold parts.

All my products are unique because they are hand made.

Hue Rain Pop Up Stores

Pop-ups / Events

2023 “PASS THE BATON MARKET vol.14” (Tokyo)
2023 “Anote Konote Festival” (Tottori)
2023 “Sou” motonaga×Hue Rain joint exhibition | cafe itoma (Mukai-shima, Hiroshima)
2023 “Hue Rain Pop up store” REN (Kuramae, Tokyo)
2023 “Toshiko Segawa Handicraft Exhibition” 3rd Generation Family Exhibition | Hyakkado (Tottori City)
2022 “ISETAN handicraft” Isetan Shinjuku store (Tokyo, Japan)
2022 “Give her a reward for you and her” toritoRu Trittle (Kyoto, Japan)
2022 “Hue Rain Pre-Order Event” SANJU (Taipei, Taiwan)
2022 “Hue Rain Thread Accessory Exhibition” REN Kuramae Store (Tokyo, Japan)
2022 “Summer Accessories Exhibition” Living Shop Life Story (Aichi, Japan)
2022 “Thread Exhibition” Tawawa (Ehime, Japan)
2022 “Beach Party -Selection Style-” ODAKYU Shonan GATE (Kanagawa, Japan)
2022 “Everyday accessories” Hiroshima Mitsukoshi (Hiroshima, Japan)
2021 “Yarn Garden” SANJU (Taipei, Taiwan)
2021 “Magie tra fili e ricami” (Verona, Italy)
2021 “Festival dell’Handmade” (Verona, Italy)
2021 “Editor’s Exhibition” Clematis no Kaori (Fukuoka)
2021 “Valentine Craft Market” (Shizuoka, Japan)
2020 “Magie tra fili e ricami” (Verona, Italy)
2020 “Festival dell’Handmade” (Verona, Italy)
2019 “Anote Konote Festival” (Tottori, Japan)

Selected Exhibitions and Awards



2018  Hue Rain Exhibition “Travel, Natural Materials and Handicrafts” at cafe nee(Tottori)
2016  Hue Rain Exhibition at elva home(Saitama), 3rd Stone Cafe(Tokyo), Tao cafe(Kyoto)
2011  Painting Exhibition “Hue Rain” at gallery utte(Tokyo)

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2019  “The wind is rising” with Stefano Buro at Gallery SORA 2F(Tottori)
2017  Nepal Post Exhibition with Kuroda Yuki at Factory(Tokyo), Niko caffe bar(Shizuoka)
2011  Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Exhibition at The Artcomplex Center(Tokyo)

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2019  Tottori Citizens’ Art Exhibition at Tottori Prefectural Museum / City Exhibition Award (Planning Section) “Sound layers”
2018  Tottori JAZZ Art Competition / Best prize “fusion”

Art Festival Installations

2019. “guide”‘ with team C at Shikano Art Festival(Tottori)
2019  “connect” with Kurodayuki at -UNMANNED- art festival of unmanned station(Shizuoka)
2018  “Noel”‘ with Uncle Kusha’s candle at Noel Candle Festival(Tokyo)
2018  “Forest of Life and Death” with Yuki Kuroda at ITONAMI DAISEN Art Festival(Tottori)

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