Parabola earrings | Genuine gold thread


Freshwater pearl and genuine gold thread stud type earrings.

The silk thread is carefully crocheted in a parabola shape.
The discreet size of the freshwater pearl in the center brings out an elegant femininity.

Light passes through the gaps between the delicate stitches and the gold thread shines lightly.

Motif diameter is about 1.4 cm.

Fleshwater pearl size is about 5 mm.

Shipped in it a simple accessory box.

Genuine gold thread
Fleshwater pearl
14 karat gold filled earrings and cup backs

[About genuine gold thread]
The processing of authentic gold thread is a very old Kyoto tradition.
It is a gold thread that uses genuine high purity gold leaf.
It is an expensive item due to the strict control of the process and a large number of manual parts performed by craftsmen.
The luster of this gold thread is very beautiful.

It is used in KIMONO, in clothing worn by SUMO wrestlers, in stage and theater backdrops, and even in huge floats, shrines and traditional tents hung at various festivals held throughout Japan. ” It is used and its wonderful splendor delights the eyes of many people.

[About 14KGF (14 karat gold filled)]
It is made by crimping a layer of 14 gold to brass,
The weight of the 14 gold layer is more than 1/20 of the total weight.
It is durable and you can enjoy the beauty of pure gold.

[This is a made-to-order product]
It takes up to 2 weeks to ship.

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