Lace bracelet | Antique Italian button | Indigo

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A delicate crochet lace natural bracelet with a unique decoration.
Added the antique buttons found in the vintage market of Northern Italy.

I crocheted delicate lace with Japanese silk thread which is kind to human skin. Surrounding it with tied silk has increased its beauty and strength.

In addition, the decorative part of the long thread dances softly. Expresses feminine lingering and narrative signs.

The size is 18 cm.

Shipped in it a simple accessory box.

【This is a discount item】
I changed the button of this bracelet from a natural stone to an antique button. This is because it is easier to put on and take off, and has higher durability. There is no problem in design and usability due to the change, but it is discounted because “the product has been reworked”.

– Indigo silk thread
– Antique Italian resin button

[About silk]
Carefully made of silk, which has a beautiful thick gloss; a natural fiber that most closely resembles the protein structure of human skin, so it can be safety used by people with weak skin or those who have allergies to chemical fibers.

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