Small dreamcatcher | #1


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For wonderful home decoration, special gift for you and your important friends also baby, wedding decoration.

Hope for the future of all lives.

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Only natural materials are used.

Thread / Japanese ecru silk
Silk thread has a beautiful luster like a pearl and a sense of sheer light that passes through it.

Circle / Italian bamboo
Bamboo, which grows straight and has good flexibility, is also a symbol of growth and prosperity.
The green bamboo from the mountain is arranged in a string shape, and heat and moisture are added to slowly bend it into a circle.

Gemstone / citrine
The wonder of the stone, where even a big story can begin with a small grain, enriches our days.

Circle diameter 11cm


At the time of shipment, I wrap paper around each tassel. Please remove it when decorating.

If you decorate it away from the wall, it turns around with the wind and its shadow is beautiful.

Dream catcher is the price including shipping.