Terms and conditions

This agreement shall apply to the use of the “Hue Rain Online Store” (hereinafter “this website”).

Article 1 (Use of this website)
You can purchase products on this website with or without registration. There is no registration fee or membership fee for membership registration.

Article 2 (Change of registration details)
If there is a change in the name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. set when registering this website, the user shall promptly notify the Company using the prescribed change method.

Article 3 (Management of ID and password)
The user shall use her ID and password set by herself, and shall manage her ID and password at her own risk. Even if her ID and password of the user are misused by a third party and cause damage, our shop shall not be liable for it. If the user learns that a third party is illegally using her ID and password of the user, we shall immediately contact our shop. The user can inquire her ID and password of the user himself / herself from this website using the prescribed method.

Article 4 (Management and protection of customer information)
Our shop shall not disclose the personal information of the user to a third party unless the government or public institutions request information disclosure etc. based on the law.

Article 5 (Order)
Users can order in-stock products, made-to-order products, and made-to-order products among the products posted on this website using the prescribed method.

Article 6 (Shipping fee)
The shipping fee related to product delivery will be borne by the user except for some products.

Article 7 (Payment method)
The price and shipping fee for the products purchased on this website by the user shall be paid by credit card or bank transfer.

Article 8 (Delivery)
1. Products will be delivered through the shipping company designated by our shop.
2. Delivery destinations are available in all countries where shipping is possible.
3. Product delivery depends on the product.

Article 9 (Exchange, Return)
We accept exchanges and returns of products only if the product is different from the one you ordered or if the product is damaged. However, this is limited to cases where you contact us within one week after the item arrives. In this case, we will bear the shipping cost for the return. In the case of returned goods, the price paid by the method specified by our shop shall be refunded to the user.

Article 10 (Website changes, interruptions, terminations)
Our shop shall be able to change or add the contents of this website, or suspend or terminate the service without prior notice to the user. Even if the user suffers damage as a result, our shop shall not take any responsibility.

Article 11 (Refusal of use)
Our shop uses this website when the user violates this agreement, when he / she acts to damage other users or our shop, or when we perform other actions that we deem inappropriate. Can be refused.

Article 12 (Handling of information)
The user shall not use this website for any purpose other than private purposes, and shall not infringe the trademark rights, copyrights, or any other rights of our shop or a third party.

Article 13 (Prohibition of unauthorized business activities)
The user shall not be able to use this website for the purpose of profit such as business activities, except when our shop approves.

Article 14 (Change of Terms)
Our shop shall be able to change this agreement without the consent of the user, and the user shall consent to this in advance.

Article 15 (Disclaimer)
Our shop shall not be liable for any damages caused by the use of this website.