Online store info (05.2021)


Open the Online store for the first time in a month and a half

/ Cart open schedule
From 14:00, Friday, May 28th
Until 14:00, Monday, May 31st
* Italian time

All products will be added by Friday, May 14th
Please take a look before opening the cart

New earrings with a cool impression of Venetian glass transparency are also lined up

For fun in the middle of summer
Please come to the online store.

Hue Rain online store

※ Important notice

◯ About change in Japanese yen price.
It’s been a year since we opened an online store in Italy
I have changed the price of Japanese Yen in accordance with fluctuations in the exchange rate of Euro / Yen.

◯ About some changes in shipping fee
Changed the outer packaging package.
Since the total weight changes, I have changed the flat rate except for free shipping products.
There is no additional charge for multiple purchases.

Thank you for your understanding of the changes.