2019 “Guide” with Team C / Shikano Art Festival (Tottori)

The concept of the Shikano Art Festival, “Landscape Journey,” is beautiful, and I wanted to create a work that would travel with people. A long crocheted hand-spun cotton yarn was installed from the Torii gate at the entrance of Shiroyama to the middle of the hill (Tea venue by Miki Akiyama). It was 650 meters in distance. The soft and mysterious thread guides you through the mountain road where you can’t see your destination. Guided experience, art of movement and time.

2019 “connect” with Yuki Kuroda / -UNMANNED- Art festival of unmanned station along the Oimachi Railway (Shizuoka)

Owada Station used to have many users in the past. Surely there are memories of people there. Now, We show the uninhabited station where there is no shadow, the sign of the memory floating there with a photograph of Yuki Kuroda. The materials were hand-spun cotton yarn and kudzu thread from Shizuoka.

2018 “Noel” with Uncle Kusha’s candle / Noel of small path (Tokyo)

A small path Noel held in Shimokitazawa every Christmas. The eaves and interior of many shops are wrapped in candlelight. I collaborated with Uncle Kusha’s candles to decorate the live stage at Shimokitazawa Station Square.

2018 “Forest of Life and Death” with Yuki Kuroda / ITONAMI DAISEN Art Festival (Tottori)

Thanks to the Nagata community for donating old T-shirts that can no longer be worn. I cut it, made it into a thread, crochet it and regenerated it into a work. At the Nagata Shrine, which overlooks the Nagata village, it was set up with a photo installation art of Yuki Kuroda to show the life going around and the life of the village continuing.