Hue Rain Dreamcatcher


Hue Rain sales began with Dreamcatcher.

Hue Rain’s original dream catcher, which improvises the pattern, is the only one in the world where every piece is.

It is tailored to crochet “space of nothingness”. The reason is that the space and music are the same, but the moment that the following ones suddenly breaks, the mind gets in, and I think that something dwells and grows.

I like to crochet threads, but circles in particular keep me quiet and focused. The universe that spreads from inside to outside like a mandala spins a story like a meditation, like a music score, like a picture book.

Hope for the future of all lives.



I use Japanese silk thread (ecru and indigo).

Silk yarn has a beautiful luster like a pearl and a sense of sheer light that passes through it.

The pieces of thread that come out during the production are collected in a bottle and handled carefully until the end.



I’m using Bamboo for the circle.

Bamboo, which grows straight and has good flexibility, is also a symbol of growth and prosperity.

The green bamboo from the mountain is arranged in a string shape, and heat and moisture are added to slowly bend it into a circle.

After moving to Italy, I use Italian bamboo. Unlike Asian ones, it is thin and has a short section.



Dreamcatcher uses 14 types of gemstones, including birthstones.

The wonder of the stone, where even a big story can begin with a small grain, enriches our days.

When choosing stones abroad, I value intuition.

Garnet (January)Amethyst (February)Aquamarine (March) / Quartz (April) / Jade (May) / Freshwater Pearl (June)

/ Ruby Inzoite (July)Peridot (August)Lapis Lazuli (September)Rose Quartz (October)Citrine (November) 

/ Turquoise (December) / AgateSodalite