I crochet “naturally, elegantly, and comfortably” to create and deliver “things that be considerate of to new days” that lighten your mind.


Ayako Buro

There is a legend I like that says “Crochet connects heaven and earth.” The thread spreads freely while weaving air and thoughts, and it seems to connect invisible objects.

I love simple handicrafts and the creation feeling, little by little, everyday productions creates our universe.

Travel always opens unknown doors, the spirit of the people living in remote villages, the spirituality, the natural materials of the land itself, and the colors and scents of the crafting.

I am attracted by unique, gentle and a bit mysterious things.

I live in Japan now.

I like to make things and to go to adventure since I was child.

After studying Stage Art in Tokyo, I worked as graphic designer and in several cafe as waitress and manager. In 2011, I began to travel on small remote islands and abroad with crochet hooks in my rucksacks.

I experience breeding silkworms, cultivating cotton, spinning hemp, spinning kudzu-plants fiber, woodworking, beeswax, soil, plant dyeing, and more handcraft tecniques because I wanted to know natural materials and the background in which they are made.

In 2015, when I lived in Northern Thailand, I started selling crochet artworks under my brand Hue Rain.

I make jewelery, ornaments, and installation art through exhibitions and Artist-in-Residence programs.


2003 – 2005  VANTAN Film&Movie school stage art major



2019  Tottori Citizens’ Art Exhibition at Tottori Prefectural Museum / City Exhibition Award (Planning Section) “Sound layers”

2018  Tottori JAZZ Art Competition / Best prize “fusion”




2018  Hue Rain Exhibition “Travel, Natural Materials and Handicrafts” at cafe nee(Tottori)

2016  Hue Rain Exhibition at elva home(Saitama), 3rd Stone Cafe(Tokyo), Tao cafe(Kyoto)

2011  Painting Exhibition “Hue Rain” at gallery utte(Tokyo)


2019  “the wind is rising” with Stefano Buro at Gallery SORA 2F(Tottori)

2017  Nepal Post Exhibition with Kuroda Yuki at Factory(Tokyo), niko caffe bar(Shizuoka)

2011  Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Exhibition at The Artcomplex Center(Tokyo)

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Art festival installation

2019. “guide” with team C at Shikano Art Festival(Tottori)

2019  “connect” with Kurodayuki at -UNMANNED- art festival of unmanned station(Shizuoka)

2018  “Noel” with Uncle Kusha’s candle at Noel Candle Festival(Tokyo)

2018  “Forest of Life and Death” with Yuki Kuroda at ITONAMI DAISEN Art Festival(Tottori)

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