About exhibit(2021.06)

I will exhibit at “Festival dell’Handmade” in Verona, Italy.

Hue Rain will join the exhibition for the third time.

For the very first time I will show at “Festival dell’Handmade” the following products: new products such as “Bubble earrings” and “Bird earrings”.
And many more accessories like “Cycle long necklaces”, “Brade bracelets”, etc.
All of them are made with light and soft thread, perfect for a daily comfortable outfit.


Festival dell’Handmade
Date and time / July 17-18, 2021 10: 00-19: 00
Location / Arsenale di Verona

◎Postscript (2021.07)
The event has been postponed due to the repair work of the venue building.

Hue Rain Ayako Buro will move from Italy to Japan in October.
So this is my last exhibition at “Festival dell’Handmade”.
I’m very much looking forward to the day of the event.

Thank you very much